What costs will I incur if I buy tickets in advance?

The "Advance ticket sales" function is already included in the free package. If you want to pre-sell tickets yourself or with the help of an assigned advance booking office, there are no additional costs.

In the Free package, you can therefore sell tickets in advance free of charge. However, if you use the Plus or Pro package, there are costs per ticket sold. However, there are no transaction costs as the payment is not processed via Eventfrog.

The fixed price remains at CHF 0.49 in the Plus Package or CHF 0.69 in the Pro Package, excluding VAT per ticket sold. This also applies to the payment methods "Payment on site" and "Payment in advance".

When are which costs incurred as part of the event package?

Fixed costs: The fixed costs of the event package must always be paid, regardless of whether payment is made on site or in advance (prepayment/advance payment).

Fixed costs are also charged for free tickets in the Plus and Pro packages.

When tickets are cancelled and refunded via Eventfrog, both the fixed and variable cost components are charged.

Variable cost component: The variable cost component of the event model is only due for online payments via Eventfrog.

No variable costs are charged for free tickets. However, if tickets are cancelled and refunded via Eventfrog, the variable component will be charged.