Are the credit card fees deducted from my earnings?

No, Eventfrog assumes all types of fees up to a ticket price of CHF 50 / EUR 50. As an organiser, you will therefore receive the full sales price of your tickets (minus any services purchased) in the free package.

Events with tickets that exceed this price fall into the Plus and Pro event packages, which are subject to a fee. In these cases, the credit card fees can no longer be offset by the advertising revenue that Eventfrog generates via advertising and voucher partners

For refunds processed via Eventfrog, however, the credit card fees will be taken into account. The processing costs include the credit card fees, as Eventfrog is charged the transaction fees for the purchase and refund of the tickets by the payment provider. This means that in the event of a cancellation, we pay the fees twice and also have the administrative burden of processing the refunds.

You can find out more about refunds from Eventfrog here >