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  • Easy publication of the event and broad online reach

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No costs incur for tickets without online payment via Eventfrog in the Free package.

No costs incur for tickets via Eventfrog in the Free package.

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No costs incur for free tickets in the Free package.

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0.69 € per Ticket + 2.9% excl. VAT

0.69 € per Ticket excl. VAT

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0.89 € per Ticket + 3.9% excl. VAT

0.89 € per Ticket excl. VAT

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With our price calculator, you can directly find out how high your event income will be.

Simply enter the ticket price and the amount of tickets.

Test without obligation how high your income is in which event package.

If the ticket price exceeds CHF 50, the Plus package is automatically applied.

If you click on "without third-party advertising", the Pro package will be applied for your event.

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Ticketing at Eventfrog: advantages and features

Customise event ticketing to your needs and look forward to a convenient solution, more planning security and higher event revenue.

Own ticket shop

Create your own ticket shop with Eventfrog, embed it in your website and sell your tickets there too.

More about the own ticket shop

Detailed statistics

Benefit from regular sales reports and real-time statistics on presales and on-site access control.

More about the statistics

App for access control

Our "Entry" app turns your smartphone into a free ticket scanner. Check tickets and e-tickets.

More about the Entry app

Individual design and own ticket design

Design tickets completely to your taste!

  • Placement of sponsoring logos
  • Own coupons and ad spaces
  • Use of the large ad space
  • Free layout with your own design

In the Pro package you get complete freedom and can upload your own design.

Attractive advertising opportunities

Do you want targeted advertising to increase the reach of your events? In addition to the free reach that our platform automatically offers, you have countless attractive advertising options at your disposal.

You can advertise your event on Eventfrog itself, on social media platforms, on news portals or in print media – all these options can be booked directly in our online marketplace.

More about promoting events

Create your event now and sell tickets with Eventfrog!

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FAQ – ticketing at Eventfrog

How can I create my event on Eventfrog?

To create your event on Eventfrog, click on "Create event" and follow the simple steps. Enter all relevant information about your event, such as date, time, venue, ticket categories and prices. Add an event picture and a description to make the event appealing. Once you have entered all the important information, you can directly publish the event. There is no need for extra publication or verification via Eventfrog.

Can I use Eventfrog ticketing for free?

Yes, using ticketing in the Free package is free of charge.

Which payment methods are accepted?

All common payment methods such as Visa & Mastercard, Postcard, TWINT, Google Pay and Apple Pay are offered on the platform. As an event organiser, you can also offer on-site payments and prepayment. Tickets are also offered at numerous public box offices.

Can I change my ticket options after publication?

Yes, as long as you don't have a seating plan, you can always add categories or increase the quota.

How can I check the sales progress of my event?

In your organiser dashboard you will find detailed reports and statistics on ticket sales. You can view the current sales progress, the number of tickets sold, current revenue and other relevant information. This allows you to track the success of your event and to take further marketing measures if necessary.

Help section on the topic: Creating tickets