How can I initiate a payment on account?

If you are an organiser running your event with the Pro package, you can now easily trigger payments on account in the Cockpit.

An advance payment, also known as a payment on account, is a partial payment that is made in advance before the event has taken place and been invoiced. It is used to pay part of the total amount in advance, often as security or to cover initial costs.

You can initiate the advance payment for your event as follows: Log in with your Eventfrog account, go to the cockpit and edit the desired event. Then click on "Sales" and select the option "Payouts".

In the "Payouts" section, you have the option to set your payout frequency. If you are using the Free package, you have the options "Deactivate payouts (temporarily)" and "After the end of the event". In the Pro package, on the other hand, you can choose the payout frequency between "annually, quarterly, monthly or weekly".

Please note that if you have activated the "Money-back guarantee" for your event, it is no longer possible to adjust the payout frequency. Finally, you can enter the payment reference. Click on "Save" to finalise.

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In the "Next upcoming payments" section, you will find all relevant information on upcoming payments. Here, you also have the option of triggering a new payment on the account using the "New instalment payments" button. Please note that the function for triggering instalment payments is only available in the Pro package.

Under "Triggered payments" you will then receive an overview of all payments already made and their details.

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If you are not yet in the Pro model but would still like to use the "Trigger instalment payments" function, a banner will appear explaining the fee-based Pro model once again. If you would like to switch to the Pro model to use this function, please confirm this by clicking on the "Switch package" button. 

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The "New payments on account" form will then open. If you want to use the maximum amount, click on "Maximum possible amount". For an individual amount, click on "Set your own amount".

The minimum amount is 100 Euro/CHF, while the maximum amount depends on the revenue of the event, minus the amount Eventfrog retains to cover e.g. package costs.

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You can then specify the date when the instalment payment should be made under "Execution date". However, this date cannot always be guaranteed and is a guideline. You must then enter the payment reference under "Payment reference" and can then save the entire process by clicking the "Confirm" button.

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In these cases, you cannot initiate an instalment payment:

  • If your account details are incomplete or missing. If this is the case, a warning banner will appear at the top of the screen, drawing your attention to the fact that your bank details are incomplete or missing. As long as the bank details are not complete and verified, no payments can be made.
  • If a payment has already been recorded, a message will also appear stating that the instalment payment has already been ordered.
  • If the credit check is negative for you: If the credit check is negative, you cannot request a payout.
  • If you have activated the money-back guarantee and as long as the money-back guarantee is active, no payments on account can be made.

Attention : en cas de paiement partiel, Eventfrog ne verse pas la totalité des revenus perçus jusqu'à ce moment-là, mais retient un montant résiduel d'environ 7 % des revenus. Ce montant représente une sorte de marge de sécurité. Ce montant résiduel est versé à la fin de l'événement avec les autres recettes dans le cadre du décompte final.

All payments made to date are listed in the "Triggered payments" section. The date, the type of payment, the payment reference, the status and the amount are displayed here. The total amount is also shown at the bottom.

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