Eventfrog Cashless - cashless payment at the event


What is Eventfrog Cashless?

Eventfrog Cashless is a function that allows you to collect cashless amounts at the event. You can set up Eventfrog Cashless individually for each event in the Cockpit.

Once the feature has been activated, you and your helpers can collect cashless amounts from visitors at the event itself via smartphone. TWINT is used for this.

You can use this practical function in various ways: You can use Cashless at the bar, cloakroom or box office. Amounts from CHF 0.50 to CHF 1,000 can be collected.

What does Eventfrog Cashless cost?

Eventfrog Cashless is a cost-effective way to expand your payment options at the event. For just CHF 0.19 per transaction and 2.8% plus VAT, you can use the function per event.

In return, you don't have to rent any equipment (e.g. for readers etc.), as you can collect payments conveniently via smartphone.

What do I have to do to use Eventfrog Cashless?

To be able to use Eventfrog Cashless, you must organise your event with ticketing via Eventfrog. You can activate the function for the event in the Cockpit for organisers and agree to the terms of use there. The event must also be publicised. Otherwise, the income from Eventfrog Cashless cannot be paid out, as there are no ticket revenues.

At the event itself, smartphones with internet access are used to collect money. The number of devices and helpers is not limited. You can collect money conveniently using the free Entry app.

How do I activate Eventfrog Cashless?

You activate Eventfrog Cashless in the cockpit for organisers when editing the individual event.

As soon as you have agreed to paid use, you will receive a link. This will take you to the page where you can collect cashless payments. Alternatively, you can collect amounts via the Eventfrog entry app.

You can find the step-by-step instructions here >

When do I receive the income if I collect money cashless at the event?

The revenue collected with the help of Eventfrog Cashless is paid out together with the ticket revenue. It is therefore essential that the event is publicised.

As a rule, this payment is made approx. 10 days after the event. Please ensure that your account details are correct. You can find more information on payouts here >

Where can I see how much I earn via Eventfrog Cashless?

During the event, you can check in the cockpit how much you have collected so far via Eventfrog Cashless.

Under "Collect cashless", a statistic with the amount collected appears under the QR code.

After the event, the income from Cashless is shown separately and offset against the usage costs.

Why do you only offer Eventfrog Cashless with TWINT?

To introduce Eventfrog Cashless, we first focussed on TWINT as the most commonly used payment method. It turned out that TWINT is the most popular payment option and is used for more than 50% of ticket purchases.

We wanted to make the solution available as quickly as possible so that event organisers can already benefit from the function.

Other payment methods may follow later.